We Collect Across Africa

We offer a collection every Seven days a week with our own drivers and vehicles. They will weigh and measure your packages and are usually able to calculate the exact cost for you at the same time. You then Please note that this is a very popular service, please book at least one week in advance.

Payment Options for Collections from Above Areas

  • Directly into our bank account by cash or by making a bank transfer. You must advise us if you have made a payment into the bank or we may not be aware that the money is there, which could lead to a delay in the despatch of your shipment.
  • By cheque. All cheques must clear before we despatch your shipment. This can take over one week and is not recommended if you are sending by air freight.

General Rules for Collection

  • All items (unless previously arranged) must be packed and ready to leave before the driver arrives
  • Each package should be clearly marked with the name and address of the consignee at the destination
  • All packages must be sealed or locked
  • No single package should weigh more than 30 kgs (unless the contents are a single large item e.g. television/fridge etc)
  • Where clients are living in flats/apartments without an elevator the packages should be on the ground floor
  • Paperwork for machinery must email to us
  • Paperwork for vehicles and trucks must be emailed to us
  • The content of the package must be put on an inventory manifest