AATS Mining Services are mining equipment rental specialists. We have one of the largest rental fleets in Africa in which we continue to invest in to deliver fit for purpose equipment to our clients so that they can mine productively.

The ability to scale up or down easily

Fleet rental enables flexibility and alleviates the need to invest heavily in capital expenditure for mobile mining equipment.

AATS Mining Services’s rental division offers a wide range of mining and earthmoving equipment including dozers, loaders, excavators, graders, dump trucks, water trucks, on-highway vehicles, light vehicles and ancillary equipment.

We understand the critical importance of equipment reliability and to have the right machinery at the right time. Our rental fleet is maintained to high standards to minimise downtime and maximise productivity.

A flexible fleet rental solution

We will tailor a bespoke solution and offer contract flexibility to allow our clients to focus on what they do best – mining.

Fully maintained dry rental

AATS Mining Services offers a fully maintained, dry hire rental solution with our maintenance team integrating seamlessly onsite to manage and maintain our equipment. Permanent onsite or field service is available based on requirements. Our maintenance team will ensure that the equipment’s mechanical reliability and availability is maintained to the highest standard to maximise productivity.

Rental and maintenance packages are tailored to project requirements and offers crucial flexibility throughout the life of mines.

Fully maintained wet hire rental

As well as providing a fully maintained rental fleet to projects, AATS Mining Services can also provide a wet hire package. Our experienced and professional operators are machine assessed for competence and are experienced in different scopes of works and varied methodologies and commodities.
AATS’s operators share our company commitment to safety and quality of service, with a focus on adding value to our client operations.

Dry rental

A pure dry hire rental solution enables our clients to have the ability to retain full control over the management and maintenance of all onsite equipment – with the inclusion of additional AATS equipment as required.
Client operators and maintenance personnel will have available to them AATS’s back-up assistance and services from our various workshop locations. They will also have 24/7 support from AATS to assist with any breakdowns and field service situations.

Fleet procurement and component sales

AATS Mining Services offers a unique equipment procurement service to our clients. We leverage our networks and experience to help our clients get the best fit solution.

We have deep experience in procuring quality, low-houred, well-maintained and/or re-conditioned machines and parts. We can offer this to our clients who prefer an outright purchase alternative.

We also stock a large range of components in our workshops. Parts are available for purchase on a SX (Service Exchange) or outright purchase.

Contact us – we’re happy to help.