Interior Design Services

Either we’re talking about residential houses, urban apartments
or commercial premises – its interior design does matter!

Kitchen Design

According to numerous researches, your home kitchen is second only to a bedroom in terms of how often you are using it.

This means that either you’ve bought a brand new house recently or simply are looking to remodel or revamp the looks of your current home, kitchen design is the biggest of two interior matters that you’ll be required to work with.

With all that in mind, when taking up a project I am focusing on your budget and your visual aesthetics preferences first and second.

I will provide you with as much design detail as you need to complete your kitchen renovation. This package can include but is not limited to…

Bathroom Design

When we are about to change the settings of your existing bathroom, interior design choices that can be made are versatile.

Here’s just a short overview of which styles for bathroom remodeling are the most trending right now: Mid-Century Modern; Simple and Minimalist Design; Freestanding Bathtubs; Marble etc…

This variety of different styles reflects that many people pay big attention to how the bathroom of their home will be looking for years to come.

I am always focusing on two things – giving you lots of design choices as different as day and night and then making the one you’ve picked a perfectly executed, long-lasting beauty!

Bedroom Design

As I’ve highlighted it earlier, the bedroom is logically the most-often visited part of your house, the one where you would spend roughly a half of all time at home.

And while during your beauty sleep you’ll not be gazing at the marvelous interior design, implemented for your bedroom, the aesthetics in which it is styled must reflect both your taste and your personality type…

With all that said, the only thing you’ll have to do is choose one design style out of hundreds – from minimalist to rustic and one color scheme out of a whole myriad of hues combinations.

Now you see why the help by a professional interior designer is just what you need? I will guide you through all of this and will help you pair it all to make your bedroom visually appealing!

Commercial Interiors

Some might think that designing an interior for an office or a corporate conference hall is so much easier than doing the same for a residential home – e.g. no bright colors to pick from, no extravagant options on the table et cetera…

Well, I am gonna disappoint you and encourage those businesses who actually need interior design help – in my personal experience of crafting custom offices and choosing their design schemes n=not even one element was repeated!

And I am talking about some dozens of projects! So rest assured, that if you will hire me to create and interior for your office – it will be just as unique as your company and staff are!

Living Room Design

The living room is basically the room that gets the most exposure for all of your guests. Think of it as that this room is to your home’s interior what a front porch is to your home’s exterior – a first impression…

Of course, no one wants to have a messy, visually contrast living room. This is why every year I get dozens of requests, for redesigning this particular part of people’s houses.

Also, it is important to keep in mind, that with such an importance (and the overall median size), redesigning your living room’s interior will cost you the most.